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What are the functions of centrifugal fans and axial fans in machinery?




  What are the functions of centrifugal fans and axial fans in machinery?

  1 Energy consumption calculation: The total flow of the axial fan of No. 14 warehouse is 50 days, with an average of 15 hours per day, sharing 750 hours, the average moisture is reduced by 0.4%, the grain temperature is reduced by 23.1 degrees, and the unit energy consumption is 0.027kw. h/t. °C. The warehouse No. 28 was ventilated for 6 days, sharing 126 hours, the water was reduced by 1.0% on average, the temperature was reduced by 20.3 degrees, and the unit energy consumption was 0.038kw.h/t.°C.

  2 When the axial flow fan is used for slow ventilation, the air volume of the axial flow fan is small, and the grain is a poor conductor of heat. In the initial stage of ventilation, the ventilation of individual parts is slow, and the grain temperature will gradually balance as the ventilation continues.

  3In the initial stage of ventilation with centrifugal fan, there may be condensation on doors, windows and walls, and even the surface of the grain is slightly dew. Just stop the fan, open the window, open the axial fan, turn the grain surface if necessary, and remove the hot and humid air in the warehouse. It can be outside. When the axial fan is used for slow ventilation, condensation will not occur. Only the temperature of the middle and upper layers will rise slowly. As the ventilation continues, the grain temperature will drop steadily.

  4 The food that is slowly ventilated must be cleaned by vibrating screen, and the grain that enters the bin must be cleaned in time to the impurity zone caused by automatic classification, otherwise it will easily cause local ventilation unevenness.

  5 Advantages of centrifugal fan: The effect of cooling and precipitation is obvious, and the ventilation time is short; Disadvantages: the unit energy consumption is high; the ventilation timing is not easy to be exposed.

  6 Advantages of slow-flow ventilation with axial flow fan: good cooling effect; low energy consumption per unit, especially important in advocating energy saving; ventilation timing is easy to master, condensation is not easy to occur; no separate fan is needed, convenient and flexible. Disadvantages: Because the air volume is small, the ventilation time is long; the precipitation effect is not obvious, and the high water content grain should not be ventilated by the axial flow fan.

  7 Conclusion: In the ventilation for the purpose of cooling, the axial flow fan is used for safe, efficient and energy-saving slow ventilation; the centrifugal fan is used in the ventilation for the purpose of precipitation.

  8 Because the temperature and grain temperature are quite different, the first ventilation time should be selected during the day to reduce the gap between grain temperature and temperature and reduce the occurrence of condensation. The ventilation should be selected at night as much as possible, because the ventilation is mainly based on cooling, the atmospheric humidity is relatively high at night, and the temperature is low, which reduces the water loss, and makes full use of the low temperature at night to improve the cooling effect.